Coding Course
for Interviews

Coding Course
for Interviews

Learn a framework that allows to solve all data science interview coding questions regardless of the specific question

Learn a framework that allows to solve all data science interview coding questions regardless of the specific question

Goal of the course

Instead of spending weeks on Leetcode hoping to get the same question in the interview, this course teaches a reusable framework to tackle data science coding interviews.

Once you learn the framework, you can solve any data science coding questions. You are removing randomness from the interview process as well as saving a lot of time that otherwise would be wasted on Leetcode.

Course Topics

Categorizing Interview Questions

Learn how to map each question to its category based on certain question keywords

Solution Framework for SQL-like questions

Learn a reusable framework to solve all possible SQL-like coding questions and apply it to real interview questions

Solution framework for probability coding questions

Learn a reusable framework to solve probability coding coding questions and apply it to real interview questions

Categorizing Interview Questions

As soon as you hear the question, learn how to assign it to its corresponding category based on keywords. And then map the category to the functions that you will have to use. That is: growth metric -> LAG/Shift functions, user upgrades -> Case when/If else, etc.

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Solution Framework for SQL-like questions

This section teaches a reusable framework to solve SQL-like questions. The same framework is then applied to the hardest interview questions asked at top tech companies.

You will learn a surefire way to be able to solve these types of problems, taking randomness out of the interview process.

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Probability Coding Questions

This section teaches how to break down and solve probability coding questions, learning how to identify keywords in the question and translate them into code

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What kind of coding questions are included in the course?

You can find the full course curriculum here.

The course mostly focuses on the coding questions typically asked at large tech companies. That is, questions about metrics, aggregate statistics, data processing, etc. Companies usually ask candidates to solve some of these questions in SQL and some in R/Python. The course includes solutions in all 3 languages.

There is also a section about probability coding questions. Those cannot be solved in SQL, so in the course there are solutions in R and Python only.

There are no CS algorithm questions, such as about binary trees, arrays, etc. You won’t get asked those things if interviewing for data science roles at a large tech company.

I already bought the product data science course in the past, do I need to buy this as well?

No, just like it happened in the past for the new product case studies, you have been automatically enrolled in this course as well. You can access it here.

Reach out to me if you cannot log-in into your account anymore because, for instance, you used your work email to buy the product data science course, but then you changed jobs so you don’t have access to that email anymore.

Why is this course different?

The way people prepare for coding interviews is incredibly inefficient. It typically involves solving as many exercises as possible (-> time consuming) and then hoping to get something similar in the interview (-> relying on luck). And the material available isn’t particularly helpful either. It is simply about showing the solution (I was guilty of this as well in the past).

What people actually need though is learning a framework that allows to solve any possible coding questions. That’s not only much faster, but you are not relying on luck anymore. So, regardless of the question, you know what you have to do and answering just becomes a matter of applying the framework.

The point is not anymore if you know the answer or not once you hear the question, the point becomes tackling the problem with a specific step by step approach until you get to the solution. 

This course provides a framework to solve SQL-like and probability questions. 

What are the course prerequisites?

The course includes links to external material if you have no prior knowledge of SQL, R, or Python. However, to take full advantage of the course, you should have knowledge of SQL + one between R and Python (for data science).

Overall, the course assumes that you know the syntax of those languages and teaches a way to solve interview questions. 

Can I buy the coding course with my employee training budget?

It is unlikely. However, if you do buy the Product Data Science course with your employee training budget, you will also automatically get enrolled in this course right after the purchase. 

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