The company of this challenge allows users to upload videos online, just like YouTube.

This company is interested in knowing whether a video is “hot” (i.e. trending up in terms of popularity), stable, or going down. Understanding this would allow to optimize the videos promoted on the home-page and, therefore, maximize ads revenue.

Challenge Description

Company XYZ is an online video streaming company, just like YouTube or Dailymotion.

The Head of Product has identified as a major problem for the site a very high home page drop-off rate. That is, users come to the home-page and then leave the site without taking any actions or watching any videos.
Since customer acquisition costs are very high, this is a huge problem: the company is spending a lot of money to acquire users who don’t generate any revenue by clicking on ads.

Currently, the videos shown on the home page to new users are manually chosen. The Head of Product had the idea of creating a new recommended video section on the home page.

She asked you the following:


We have 2 table downloadable by clicking here.

The 2 tables are:

video_count - provides information about how many times each video was seen each day.


video_features - characteristics of the video.


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